had to share this insightful website about motivation.

In between the chicken soup, frozen juice pops and coughing: Fighting a winter cold, and when you don’t feel like doing anything, sometimes you can take brief moments to share a little bit. Maybe write a little in a notebook, jot down some notes to do when you feel better.

Here is one teachers tips to motivate students and maybe this can apply to ourselves as well:


I thought it was interesting to write letters to your grandchildren, mine are very young, but they enjoy getting snail mail too.


and here is the link for age appropriate genealogy, very informative



General Mercer and Battlefield at Princeton

and if you are wanting to avoid a cold, or are fighting one now, I found this interesting site about foods to eat:


Published by humblegenealogist @ humblegenealogy.com we do the digging so you can enjoy the tree

Starting in 1970, the experience and journey has created well-seasoned researching techniques. Current and active participation in continuing education, staying up to date with technology, and including weekly contact with other professional genealogists: including family historians, genealogy clubs and historical societies, keeps the knowledge and ongoing learning in an ever changing world up to date.

One thought on “had to share this insightful website about motivation.

  1. I want to leave an example of the letter I began with today, to my grandchildren. Perhaps it will give you an idea of how to write to your children or grandchildren. Names and dates are blocked out:
    Dear Grandchildren,
    Grandma and Grandpa sure do you miss you when we don’t get to see you and your family! You are growing so big every time we see you and every day you are one day older. But that is the way life is supposed to be.
    When Grandpa and Grandma were your age, there were no computers. That also means there was no email, or Skype. We had to mail letters to our grandparents. Grandpa was lucky, he and his brother and mom and dad lived with his Grandpa and Grandma when he was your age. Grandma was not so lucky. Her Grandma and Grandpa (her mothers’ parents) lived in Idaho. That was 8 hours away or more to drive to. She only was able to visit them once or twice a year and only for about one week or two weeks. Grandma’s other Grandpa and Grandma (her fathers’ parents) live in Nebraska, and she was about 3 years old the first time she got to meet them. Then it was another 3 years before she got to see them again and then she only saw them 1 or 2 more times until she was in high school! That was the last time she got to see them, she was 15 years old. She and her parents were living in Whitefish, Montana at the time, her dad was working for the powerline company there. She took photographs, I will put a copy of one or two of them in this letter for you to see.
    Did you know that today, the 3rd of December is your great grandmothers birthday? She was named Mary Pauline Clarke – you know her as Nonie, or by her married name, Pauline Wells. She was born in 1927, that would mean that she is 86 years old. She was born in Taylor, Nebraska, in the house they were living in! Can you imagine that! All of her brothers and sisters were also born at their home and her dad was there to help welcome them into the world. That is how things were done back then. There were doctors who lived in the smaller towns and they would travel to the houses where people lived to take care of them. The doctor came out 3 days later and your great grandma was doing very well. There were hospitals in that time, but they were far away and were very expensive. Back then hospitals were mostly used only for the really sick people or for emergencies. Some people had their babies there, but only if they lived in the city or needed extra help.
    Would you like to make a memory book with your grandma?
    We could make a book out of construction paper. We could start with birthdays. You could draw a picture of a memory of one of your birthdays on one page, and I will draw a memory of one of my birthdays on another page. Then we can put both of the pages in the book. You can show them to mom and dad. Then maybe your mom and dad can write down a birthday they remember and your abuelita can tell about a birthday she had as a child. What a wonderful book that will be!
    We love you. I hope that you will write a letter to me.


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