Family Photos

Image Great Grandparent and great grandchild.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

What a great Photo Challenge!

I have noticed that very young children, babies and toddlers more specifically, seem to have a very special connection with the Senior Saints or Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the family. Have you ever noticed that? Sometimes it seems that they almost have their own language between them!

This past few weeks I have been able to get in contact with the Senior Saints of my family and send some photos to them, ones that I have no idea who they are. Photos I have had for about 5 years and never knew who were in them. I got a call last night from one of them and I wasn’t home to get the call–grr, but yipee, I get to call them back and we can talk about it then. Sometimes it takes time, lots of time. I am sure there are a few that we may never identify, but we will keep them because they were a part of our relatives and maybe in years from now, a descendant will see them and say, I look just like this one! Now, wouldn’t that be something.

My cousin has also used Facebook [not promoting website here just stating a fact] to share photos with us relatives to see if we can identify them and figure out who is who. It has helped and we get to share these lovely old photos, or newer ones before they fade away. Some are tin types, some are from the 50’s.

The photo above? Great Grandparent and great grandchild, I took this one in the late spring of 2012, it is almost 2 years old. It is digital, and how are we going to share these later on with our descendants? Will they have the technology to play the CD or will it be outdated? I have 3.5 floppies and it is near impossible to find a tool to view the photos on them.

Perhaps it is time to get a few meaningful photos printed and write on the back of them who they are of and when and where and what is going on when the photo was taken.

When was it taken:

Who is it of:

Where is it at:

Why was it taken:


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