What changes have you seen in the last 20 years ?

This morning I received this email from an older friend of mine:

“[A friend loaned me a book and said, “I thought of you and thought you would like to look at this book.”  It is 100 years old; actually, the copy he loaned me was 50 or so years old, but the first edition of the book was printed in 1914.  Things have changed: what was funny then is not always funny now; racist and sexist jokes and stories were almost the “norm” in those days.  Think about it: few cars, isolationism was the accepted political strategy, Mississippi had more people than California, it had been less than 50 years since the end of the Civil War, my grandparents were still quite young (perhaps yours were not even born yet)… ]

What changes have you see in the past 20 years, the past 50 years?

Here are 12 random things I have seen in my lifetime:

1) Urban sprawl

2) dryer sheets and permanent press material

3) a man lands on the moon and lives in outer space aka the space station

4) microwave ovens

5) from use what you have to throw it away

6)  reuse, recycle,reduce, repurpose

7) plastic

8) the end of small pox, polio and the introduction of new diseases like AIDS, ADHD, H1N1,

9) lack of nutrition shown in undernourished people to the lack of nutrition shown in overweight people

10) mailing a letter or making a long distant phone call to instant communications

11) film to digital

12) changing of nations

Now is the time to find out from your elders what changes they have seen. They can probably tell you things you didn’t even know about. And you get a Bonus!, you can hear it from them as they experienced it.

Be sure to pull out that digital recorder or tape recorder or video recorder and maybe some photos or magazine articles.


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