Family projects for home, weekends, reunions, or through the mail

Family projects for home, weekends, reunions, or through the mail.
This is just going to be a bunch of brainstorming ideas:
o Name that ancestor: photos of ancestors and name tags to match with them [make sure you have the correct names on the backs of the photos]
o who lived in which state / town / country
o what country did our earliest ancestors live in? give clues or play 20 questions where they have to ask questions to figure out what country it is
o match the job with the ancestor [ have a pedigree chart and the date lived by the ancestor then match the job or jobs with the ancestor]
o What are some unique things your ancestors did or invented or wrote or?
o find your birthday Is there an ancestor that has the same birthday as you? or marriage date?
o send a letter that goes from one relative to the next, they can tell a story or write a memory they have about a set of grandparents or uncle or aunt. Or send out the same page to each relative cousins or aunts/ uncles or siblings and have them write what they know about the ancestor(s) and then when they are mailed back, combine them and send out the combined stories, or share them at the next get together.
o write a monthly letter to your children or grandchildren telling about your life and things you did, maybe in comparison with what they are doing now or games played or music or visiting family.
o did your grandparent write a life story? did your parent? have you? put them all together and make a mini book for your kids or grandkids.
o Put a picture book together like a pedigree chart. Start with your family on one page, put your parents on the next pages, then grandparents, and so on, add some family reunion photos or photos of special places or events that are important to your family history. Add a map or timeline to the book. Shutterfly, Vista print, your local printing shop and others are great places to help you organize and print your book [hand them out for Christmas or birthdays]
o What about a calendar? 12 or 14 or 16 interesting things about your ancestors
o Or put the birthdays of your ancestors on them too and then each month everyone can see who they share their birth month with in the family.
o Make a scrapbook page with your kids, or with your siblings, or with your cousins for one ancestor or family historical. This can be repeated over the year for several ancestors. Every Thursday evening, or once a month or 4 times a year, you can get together. Or mail a semi blank scrapbook page with one entry on it from you, and then mail it to a relative, who can then mail it to another relative and so on until it comes back to you – or ask your relatives to mail you something about this ancestor or family historical event and put it all together on one or more scrapbook page.


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