So who is that in the photo in the background we see?

The Clarke Reunion.

No date, only a couple of names.

It’s one of those photos that you have in a stack of photos of family and you know which side of the family they belong to, but there is no one to ask or that knows who the people are.

Do you recognize anyone in the photo? Do you have a similar or exact photo like it at home? Contact me. We are most likely related.

I know one person is Uncle Charlie Clarke.

That is why it is so important that we, right now, put names on the photos we have. We may know who they are today, but in 20 years will we really know who everyone is and how they are related or the situation/reason the photo was taken? What about those photos of your parents? Do your parents have them all named and where they are and the date of them?

Remember, 3 generations and the memories and names and stories are usually gone.

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