Now for something totally different

I don’t know why this impacted me so much today. But I feel that it needs to be told.

I wondered why there was so much cancer in babies and young children and other ‘diseases’ and this answered some of the many questions I had. I recycle and stuff, but this goes way beyond the reduce reuse and recycle, re-purposing and all of that. Everyone has to make their own decision about their own lives and those lives around them. I want this blog to be about family, about past, present and future family.

Will I still feel this way in a week, a month, next year?

This talks about past family lives, my present family life and the lives of the future of my grandchildren, those sweet, young, laughter filled smiling faces.

I just watched this show. I typically don’t like boring documentaries unless it is about something I knew about as a kid. Yes, I was planning to take a nap, and I watched half of it fell asleep, and then woke up and was watching the second half of it. I try to do what I can about the environment – but this documentary went beyond the normal reduce reuse recycle blah blah blah. This was very well done, It was not preaching, or forcing ideas and theories upon you or regurgitating other peoples thoughts.
I know from now on I will not buy the dollar store toys like I have, and I will try to use glass and metal as much as possible. I already don’t justify a big store bag for one or 3 items. This really made me think about the health of my grandchildren and gave me answers as to why I hear of babies and toddlers with cancer and young people with compromised immune systems. Then there is the thermal receipts you have to make copies of for your business, the ones that you can’t keep because the ink fades off of it very fast, and how the BPA in it is absorbed into your body immediately.
If ACC and SPI won’t take responsibility, then I will do my best to use as little plastic as possible, but it is going to be tough. How do Jewish people stay kosher with all of the plastic in nearly everything we use as consumers? What is the truth? If money and comfortable-ness, and jobs were not affected, what would the answer be?

I just finished cleaning and was thinking about this and noticing how much in my own 100 year old home is plastic, from the electrical outlets to the computer I am using, and just the everyday items. Then I thought about the hospitals and doctors offices that use plastic, we couldn’t be cared for or fight diseases like we can without plastic of some kind. So what is the answer? Maybe make plastics that do not have harmful chemicals in them? I just don’t know.

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