Honey or Vinegar – they both have their place in life

Honey versus Vinegar.

Is this something that you practice everyday, every week, once a month, when you think of it, or ?

Did any of your ancestors live their lives this way? When is the last time a stranger did something unexpected and out of kindness to you?

My mother used to say, “you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. “I don’t want to catch flies, gross”, I would reply. But I knew that she meant having a forgiving spirit and kind countenance brings about a calmness and joy that would not have otherwise been available.

Taking a few seconds to let that car in ahead of you, giving up your place in line for the person who has one or two items – or a bunch of kids that are tired of shopping – gives something that seems rare, but so very much appreciated.



Published by humblegenealogist @ humblegenealogy.com we do the digging so you can enjoy the tree

Starting in 1970, the experience and journey has created well-seasoned researching techniques. Current and active participation in continuing education, staying up to date with technology, and including weekly contact with other professional genealogists: including family historians, genealogy clubs and historical societies, keeps the knowledge and ongoing learning in an ever changing world up to date.

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