Grandmas Christmas Jelly Squares

Recently a cousin shared a recipe on Facebook and told of how our Grandmothrainbowjellysquareser Clarke would make this every year for Christmas. Another cousin replied that her mother would almost every year make this recipe in honor of her mother-in-law, who is this same Grandma Clarke. I barely remembered it, and if it wasn’t for the memories of my older cousins, this slight memory would never have resurfaced in my mind.

This brings me to today’s blog, What are the recipe’s that your family shares each holiday? Do you have them written down to pass on to the next generation?

A few years ago the family together a spiral bound recipe book. Everyone brought some of their favorites or mailed them to a relative and each recipe had the name of the person who ‘donated’ it and today many of those that contributed are not with us anymore. not only is this a treasure of family yummies, but a gift of family, a remembrance, a tribute, if you will, to those same people.
When I went ‘back in time’ to visit the places of our ancestors arriving in North America in the late 1600’s, there at the university was a book written by them, that included recipe’s of food, cloth, soap, medicines, and other items. Things that we don’t necessarily use anymore, or even have available, but those recipe’s tell about life during that time, life they had to endure, enjoy and not just survive-though they had to do that too compared to today- but really live life.

Perhaps this season, during all the get- togethers and parties and gift giving, and snail mailing, you can include some recipe’s of your own family. OR perhaps, you can ask each relative to send one or two recipes in their Cards, either snail mailed or emailed. Maybe you can suggest a recipe book for your family to hand down, sharing more than names of ancestors to future descendents, but sharing a part of who they were and what they liked and ate and did.

Maybe you can take it a bit further and give a short little history of this recipe:

  1. why you want to share it
  2. is there a story as to how you received the recipe
  3. did you invent this recipe yourself, or has it been handed down from generation to generation
  4. when do you make it, is it just for holidays, or every day, or when it’s cold/hot outside
  5. are there none food recipes you can share, like soap, or cleaning agents, or creams, or???

Perhaps you can include a little photo journal in the back of the recipe book, a photo with their name and if they are a direct line or married into the line, etc. or whatever you think is important to your family.

Blessings to you and yours this season and always!from this humble genealogist


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