One Mistake After Another

One Mistake After Another

mistake 1 – very little preparation before the week

mistake 2 – pack the morning of the flight, leaving slippers at home

mistake 3 – pack chargers in a separate bag from the electronics

mistake 4- change seats on plane, now you have an aisle seat and can’t see out the window or get to visit with your spouse

mistake 5 – don’t make hard copies [written down on paper] of phone numbers or addresses or itinerary

mistake 6 – don’t set time and meet up place with spouse – rely on cell phones to be working

mistake 7 – don’t stay put at cousins, so if dying phone battery dies, you at least have a meeting place

mistake 8 – don’t have anyone’s phone numbers memorized

mistake 9 – drive in the general direction of where you think you should go, but can’t see out because the fog has set in and the night is getting dark early because of the fog

mistake 10 – don’t take photos of cousins while together

mistake 11 – again, later in the day, don’t take photos of other cousin while together

mistake 12 – don’t bring medicine for dry air conditions while sleeping

One Joy After Another

Joy 1 – have a really great time with grandchildren over the weekend for 3 Kings Day early

Joy 2 – know that the homestead will be cared for by reliable neighbor while visiting family

Joy 3 – instead of spouse leaving on business trip, you get to go and get to visit relatives while there

Joy 4 – get to ride on a twin prop airplane, fly through the clouds and have a beautiful view over the clouds

Joy 5 – good weather – no rain or snowing or ice on takeoff or arrival

Joy 6 – change seats and sit next to a wonderful young man making it a very enjoyable flight

Joy 7 – separate rental cars so one has the freedom to visit relatives and places during the week

Joy 8 – being able to drive a pretty blue vehicle to visit family and be in a place I love and enjoy

Joy 9 – finding and visiting relatives and spending time together in person

Joy 10 – driving back to the airport area and being able to use a phone book with a map to locate where I was and which direction to go from there

Joy 11 – driving to a gas station to get a map and use a phone and the 20 year old at the counter being so helpful and courteous and letting me use his own personal cell phone to call long distance to the only number I have written down. Then when no answer there, letting me make a long distance phone call again to the only number I could remember.

Joy 12 – our daughter answering her phone with an unknown number calling her

Joy 13 – our daughter being able to call her dad to tell him where I am

Joy 14 – the young 20 year old letting me call my daughter again to know she got in contact with her dad

Joy 15 – my spouse knowing where I was

Joy 16 – realizing I had packed all that I needed

Joy 17 – comfortable, warm, clean place to stay

Joy 18 – meeting another cousin and spending time together

Joy 19 – discovering a new historical site to visit

Joy 20 – kindness of strangers

Joy 21 – being able to return kindness to other strangers

Joy 22 – electricity, for warmth and light and refrigeration and plug-ins for all those electronic devices.

Joy 23 – honey and lemon tea to soothe a dry throat and nose [steam from the tea as you sip/drink it]

Joy 24 – having dinner with my spouse and breakfast and getting to spend the work week together

Joy 25 – taking a short evening stroll with my spouse

Joy 26 – Being Thankful 1- that I can trust in God so no matter what happens He will take care of me 2- for a really great day and all that I have to look forward to.

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