dem bones, dem dry bones

dem bones, dem dry bonesdrybones

  1. What did your family do to provide for their loved ones? and  how, if at all, does that have anything to do with you and your family today? You might be surprised. Sometimes when we least expect it, we find our own genealogy and history tied to others and tied to our own history.
  2. This is a reminder to keep our mind ready for new finds, especially when we weren’t looking at the time
  3. The end of this blog will take you to the episode to tie in why the Dry Bone Turtle Skeleton was used.

PBS Benjamin Franklin ActorBenjamin Franklin’s Bones, Secrets of the Dead, 33 Craven Street London,

Among other tributes, this is also a tribute to family genealogy/history and how it impacts each generation. Here are only a very few excerpts to highlight the genealogy and history between ancestors and descendants – today descendants.

Full Episode

HewsonDoctor Melissa Hewson, direct descendant of Dr. Hewson:

Melissa Hewson
Medical Historian
William Hewson met a young woman named Polly Stevenson and she was the daughter of Margaret Stevenson. Polly was always described as being an unusually intelligent woman, so Franklin and Polly had a very close relationship, she was a dear friend of his, he considered her somewhat of a second daughter.

William and Polly were married at St Mary Abbot’s Church on July 10th of 1770 and Franklin actually played a very large role in the ceremony. He was given the honour of walking Polly down the aisle and he at the end signed their wedding certificate for their marriage.

COMMENTATOR Franklin and Hewson became friends but also kindred spirits – they were both swept up by the powerful intellectual principles of what was referred to as the Age of Enlightenment.

Melissa Hewson
Medical Historian
I just love this letter because in the first line it talks about “our family here is in great distress” and this just goes to show how close Franklin was with the Hewsons, he had a great deal of respect for Hewson and was deeply affected by his death.

After Polly’s mother passed away in 1783 Benjamin Franklin wrote her a letter and invited her to come to Philadelphia to be his neighbour. In 1786 Polly decided to move her family to Philadelphia and there they remained.

Now since William Hewson there have been 5 more generations of Hewson physicians. I am very proud to say that I am a direct descendant of William and Polly. I am currently in my last year of studying medicine and I am very excited to be continuing this legacy within the Hewson family.

So I have to say that every time the Hewson family comes to see Franklin’s grave, it’s a very special moment for us, our family is just filled with deep emotion of gratitude. We look at Ben Franklin and we see someone who’s responsible for bringing us where we are today and I think that’s just an incredible history.”

drybonesRead more of the transcript here and watch the video:

Full Episode

The Green Sea Turtle was an important clue to tie in the bones and Benjamin Franklin and Doctor Hewson

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