It’s 1947, 2017, Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?


What would you do if your parents, who were singing and smiling on a lovely spring morning, went to milk the cows – a routine, daily, event – and never came back?

How would you care for your brothers and sisters? How would you care for yourself? How long would you keep looking for your parents? What kinds of things would people be saying to you, and how would you deal with those that said mean things?

It is hard for me to imagine what life was like for these young children, that went on with life as their parents held on to each other, freezing to their deaths.

DNA * is checking to make sure this couple is the children’s parents.

Genealogy can take you to some tough life situations. Emotions can run deep and you may want to find other answers, but one must stay on the path of what the truth is. This story should have a happy ending, the children finally have the answers and the peace they needed for so many years.

(What other story (stories) would arise if the DNA does not match?)

We are hoping it is a match.

What answers are you looking for? What stories do you need to find an ending too?

*click here to use this page to help translate, cut and paste address into the box you want translated

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