Games, Fun, and Family

Yes, You can have all three at the same time!


(can you tell I enjoy playing games with my family)


Did your family play card games? Did they play outdoor games? Perhaps their games were sports or puzzles or practical jokes on each other! Whatever types of games you play with family, it is good to share and laugh and enjoy your time here on earth with each other.

The background for this blog today:

We are having our 2nd family reunion. Just our immediate family. Everyone is older now, with kids, and us parents are getting older. This year we flew our youngest’s family here for a family/moving/anniversary get together. With everyone growing up and living further apart, this may be the last time we can get together in a very long time, if ever.

We have just 2 hours to say hi, take photos, eat cake and get in all the visiting and hugs. Then we move out-of-state, our youngest’s family goes back home (out-of-state) and the grandchildren will keep growing older and living life as they choose.

Everything is already packed and moved to our new place, so what do the little ones do? empty roomGrandmaGapAha!, I just received in the mail the new Zap the Grandma Gap books, and thumbing through them I saw the title Family games.

Here is what I came up with:

Genealogy Map Game

Keeping it simple, [I printed everything in Black and White] I looked online for a map of the world and printed it out on 8×10 paper. I printed a second one that had arrows on it from which country our ancestors came from and when they first landed in America.

Then I printed a map of the United States and a map of each of the states that their great-great grandparents were born in, their great grandparents, their grandparents, their parents and their spouses parents. It really isn’t that complicated. Many of them were born in the same state.

I then printed out enough maps of the United States of America for each of our grandchildren to have to take home and color.



Next I printed out a photo of each of these people, if I had namesone. For those that I had no photo of I wrote their name on paper. Then I cut out each photo in a circle and wrote their names on the back, and cut out the names written on paper in a circle too.

We have a big empty wall. What I am thinking is to use painters tape and tape each of these objects onto the wall, then when the game is finished, take a photo of it and our grandchildren, then remove the game from the wall. No damage and a fun memory while they learn about their family history.


How to play the game:  [You can change this up to fit your family]

What I want to do is have the two world maps up on the wall and very briefly explain that they have ancestors from different countries of the world who came to America, at different times some before America was even the United States of America, some after – and that they arrived in different places.

Next, I will put up the map of the United States and say that their parents and grandparents and even our parents and grandparents were born in different states.

At this time I will hand out to each grandchild a different state. They will each in turn put their state on the wall.

After this is completed, I take out the circle cut photos with first names and give one to each grandchild and have them guess who goes where. I have this already set up starting with the great-grandparents, stating that “Your great-great grandfather and grandmother – my grandparents were born in…”

“Your great-great grandfather – your grandpa’s grandpa- was born in …” and so on. If the couple was born in the same state, they are mentioned together.

Our grandchildren should know which state they were born in, so this can be talked about with their parents at a different time.


[For a copy of this game (pictured above), you are welcome to email me and ask for one.]

When all of this is done, there is a prize at the end!

I have had some throw blankets made for each of our children’s families and tell them that if they ever need a hug from grandma or grandpa they just need to wrap up in the blanket and remember we love them and get their hug as if we are there – and best of all, your whole family can wrap up in it together!

Well, this is the idea, I will let you know how it turns out.

Happy memory making with your family!


Thank you to the following for use of their photos, (in no particular order):














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