Finding a too brief encounter

The year was 1957 and though it wasn’t a World War, there were still battles to be won. Which battles?

The Korean War was ending, the Vietnam War was beginning, the Cold War was beginning-Sputnik was newly launched by the Russians,


the ongoing battle of love, this time one that involved a young woman and a private in the US Army. They had met and the flame of passion and new beginnings ignited.

The Privates name was Clyde Muller. He was from Texas, it seems, and was stationed at Fort Lewis in the Tacoma/Olympia Washington area.

The young woman’s name was Juanita Settle.

Do you recognize them? Do you know Clyde? if so, please contact me.


This photo was taken in Longview Washington, “She thinks the picture was taken in front of her friend’s house, M. M.”

From their new found love, there was a new life that began, however, the two were separated by activities of war, never to be reunited again.

But, what of this new life that began?

A baby grew into a wonderful young woman, who became a mother herself. She has longed to find her birthfather. The man her mother had loved in unsettling times of these United States.

What became of him? Was he wounded in war?, Killed in action?, could he never find Juanita?, Did he ever search for his first daughter?

“I am only looking for a connection, not material things, just to know who he was, do I have any half siblings, are there any health issues, where do I come from?”

This is all the information we have.

So the search and research is on. Brick wall or not, (if you read my last blog you will understand these terms more clearly)

We are on a mission to discovery of life and living!

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