What games are out there to engage not only our own minds, but those of our children as well?

jewel-quest-4-heritage-B-1379008884Jewel Quest Heritage, is a matching game, a puzzle, a strategy game and enjoyable, for most. You see a family tree and you have to put the puzzle pieces together for each portrait. There is a story for each family, how they met and under what circumstances or where, to mention a couple of them. There are the matching jewels where you can apply some strategy as the levels advance. These are at places like the D.A.R. headquarters or the Louvre, and of course other places all around the world. There is the challenge of going to new places, discovering new items and what to do and mean.jewelquestheritage
Jewel Quest Heritage offers engaging learning of real places and people and you may want to actually go to these places to make discoveries of your own family heritage!


Oregon Trail, the game that many of you may have played in school. Not only do you need to know what supplies you will need to survive and reach your destination, which helps you plan ahead, but you learn about real places and people and have some fun doing that. What will your children learn about the real Oregon Trail and where can you actually go and see places along the real Oregon Trail nearest you?


What about the Farming game? Did your ancestors farmthefarminggame? Do you have ancestors in the state of Washington? This board games is set in real places and though the farming may be a little easier than real farming, it does bring up some great info, like growing fruit trees is not easy and a whole seasons crop can be wiped out in one storm.

There is also this website:
American Heritage Board Games:

“The American Heritage Games were a Milton Bradley series of war themed games from the early 60s. All of the games were reprinted in the 70s except for Hit the Beach, which was dropped and replaced with Skirmish.”


What games have you played that might help make learning about ancestors or your heritage fun? Send me a comment to share your thoughts and games~
(perhaps you can make your own family heritage game for your family memebers).

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