We can do research together, right here! ~The treasure hunt continues

From the first blog…” I am not sure how I will be able to gather that valuable information when someone else is doing the research. We will have to see what this journey is going to reveal…”


And the Reveal is this:

It only took one day, I received a phone call and Nicola read me the genealogy from about 1907 to present. (She also searched backwards as I would have, starting with the current owner and who they purchased it from and so on.) I was able to finally take some time and go to the office and pick up copies of the documents she was able to gather (small fee of $5.00). One thing that she had to do was go to the US Government website to get the information of the land deed:


This means that the land was already occupied, but, it wasn’t until about 1907 that deeds to land were being applied for and recorded.

aha.png Interesting to note:

The person that was recording the land, was not the owner of the land. Was this a daughter, a cousin, a niece or other relative? Was it a neighbor? Perhaps the owner could not read and this person was someone who could read?

Where to go to find out more information about the owner and the person recording the information for the owner – The Historical Society, of course!

Okay so let’s recap on our Treasure Map~


The hunt began when we found the wooden silo, were given permission to deconstruct and move the wooden silo to our property and now we want to find the date as close as we can, to when the wooden silo was built.

computer-search1.jpgFirst step- find out the history of wooden silos in the United States of America.

cartoon-business-woman-calling-phone-vector-illustration-30880710.jpgSecond step – call the recorders office of the county to track the owners back as far as we can

CountyRecorderThird step – wait for the recorder to do the work this time, and then pickup the documents to see if more discoveries can be found

Next step – research the documents to find any clues, andhand-writing-text-whats-your-next-step-84012595.jpg then go to the historical Society to see if there is anymore information about the owners

LifeSide trip – life, sometimes life gets in the way, and since this is for me and not for anyone else, we need to continue getting the property and our home and other essential to living things done, this takes priority.

Not to worry, the Treasure hunt is still happening and will continue in the next blog,

We can do research together, right here! ~The treasure hunt continues, Part Three

Published by humblegenealogist @ humblegenealogy.com we do the digging so you can enjoy the tree

Starting in 1970, the experience and journey has created well-seasoned researching techniques. Current and active participation in continuing education, staying up to date with technology, and including weekly contact with other professional genealogists: including family historians, genealogy clubs and historical societies, keeps the knowledge and ongoing learning in an ever changing world up to date.

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