Using the BLM Website for researching the history of land owners

I finally made time to find the documents on my own using the BLM website:

BLMSiteI clicked on Search Documents:BLMEnterInfo

This brought me to the page that I entered the information I remembered – I was glad that I didn’t have to fill in all the information, so I entered the state and county and the last name (Haga in this instance) and clicked on search patents:

The page that opened up, was this:BLMHaga

I knew there was more information, so I went back one page and entered the last name of Alexander and more information did show up:


There was one page that did not go anywhere, no more information, but the other page gave the original document:wooden_silo_patentImage

From the final document, I was able to gather much information. Still plenty of questions to ask, like why was Jennie and assignee of Caroline? Who was Jennie Haga to her? It appears that the land belonged to Jennie E Haga and her heirs.

wooden_silo_patentImage3What was the sale of public lands act of congress April 24 1820, how did it come to be and what is the history on that? Why did it need to be signed by the President of the United States? (which I think is pretty cool actually).

You can read more about it here:    and here:

Did you know it was repealed in 1891? The Homestead Act was 41 years later, in 1862, you can read more about those here:

I then went to the Idaho State Historical Archives onlineIdahoArchives

to see what I could find, and I did found a little more information about C Alexander.


The next step is to go to the Idaho State Historical Society building and look up the information, to make sure this C Alexander is Caroline – or is it a different C Alexaner?


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