Two different people with relatives of the same name

This is why researching people you don’t know can be very difficult.

What do you see in these two articles that are similar?


  • they both have the name Floyd Wells
  • they both have a mother whose name is May
  • they both have a wife whose name is Pauline, not a common woman’s name

If I didn’t personally know one of them, I would have a hard time, trying to decide which facts are for the person I am researching.

Now what to check for using these two articles as an example:

  • the dates of death are different
  • the siblings are different
  • the place of death is different

What if all I new what his name, his wife’s name and his mother’s name? What could I do to figure out which one would be correct? That would be tough. What other information is available from other sources?

Sometimes you have to follow a lead to a dead end, but then you  know who or what is not correct and you won’t have search that again. So, sometimes its a good thing.

However, it can get frustrating so don’t give up. Take a break, but come back to it and you might see something you didn’t notice before.

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Starting in 1970 has created well-seasoned researching, currently and actively participation in continuing education, up to date with technology, and includes weekly contact with other professional genealogist including family historians, genealogy clubs and historical societies.

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