Cabin Fever (or to take a spin off a television show) 10 things I hate about Isolation

Cabin fever, that is what it used to be called when you were stuck inside for longer than usual amounts of time and you were really getting tired of it.
I did try to avoid writing about what is going on, since there is so much being written about it already, then I realized that it is a good reminder of things you can do while your normal routine is being temporarily disrupted.

Whatever you call it, COVID-19, Corona Virus, Wuhan flu, pandemic, (you can read more about naming the virus here, if you want to), the distancing has as many names it seems with self-isolation, state lockdown, 6 foot rule as well. It all means that our contact with other human beings – even family – is limited.

So what can we do during this time?

Read my past blogs of course. Hahaha, just having a laugh here, but there is great information for things to do.

However, This is another opportunity to share what you know about your family with your immediate family.

1 – Have your kids ask questions about your life, about your parents lives, or your aunts and uncles lives.

2 – Write your own story

3 – print out some of those family photos that are on the camera, or in your computer, or on a disc

4 – talk about some of the changes that you have seen in your life time, like computer games, television, plastic uses, automobiles, transportation even. Some of these can be changes just in your neighborhood, your state, worldwide, or even in your family.

5 – go through photo albums and identify people in them, places in them, dates of when they were taken and talk of the memories with your family.

6 – Do you have a box of stored items?, or many boxes, just start with one small box first, then another day try another box and see what you can discover and share with others in your home.

7 – plant a garden outside, maybe just one place for one packet of flowers or flower seeds.

8 – make some new memories playing games in the house or outside in the yard

9 – Make some recipes that you might have from relatives or ancestors. Try some recipes from places where your ancestors might have lived or even the time period of when they would have lived.

10 – Call some relatives you haven’t spoken to in a while and if you are s tuck for what to say, just start with, We wanted to call and actually talk with you. It has been too long and how are you doing? What are you doing to keep occupied during this time.

Take care of yourselves, and stay safe and healthy.

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