Research, Family History, Locating Primary and Secondary Information


Where to begin:

  • Start with what you know, you, your parents
  • or were you adopted, who raised you
  • birthdates, marriage dates
  • places lived, places worked
  • membership in clubs or organizations

What we do:

  • Pedigree – who your ancestors are, both paternal and maternal lines
  • DAR research for membership
  • Family history research
  • Special event that you need more details about
  • Family member you would like to have accurate information about
  • Family story you want to find out if it is true or not

What you can expect when available:

  • Copies of primary documentation
  • Copies Census records
  • Copies of Photographs or drawings
  • Copies of secondary documentation
  • Suggestions for books that include family information

Thank you

Contact me to help you find what you are looking for:

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