At first, Nestled in the beautiful wine country of the Willamette Valley in Oregon in a 114 year old home, and Now in the breathtaking High Desert of Central Idaho, humblegenealogy by the humblegenealogist is stationed near the Oregon Trail. A family history researcher, ideally located near many resources, connections and access to the information that can help you find what you are looking for, while offering your own family history that personal touch.

Currently and actively participating in continuing education, up to date with technology, and in constant contact with other professional genealogists including family historians, genealogy clubs, and historical societies.

*The year was 1970. It was June, and we had earlier that week attended my grandmother’s funeral. Grandpa told his children to go through all the trunks and such in the basement and in their room. He couldn’t do it.
This is when documents, letters, and photographs, (that had been there since Grandpa and Grandma first moved into the house in the early 1950’s) clearly telling about our family history, were discovered. None of the children had any idea that these items from as far back as the 1930’s and earlier were even there. My mother and one of her sisters were put in charge to organize them and to find out more information about our family’s past.
Then one day, my aunt passed on and then, my mother.

Not before it was passed down to me, to take what my cousins have and what I have and make our family history make sense and share that history with each other.

I have enjoyed this journey immensely and am sharing this love of researching for others, yes, for you. Every family has a story and every story needs a place to share with generations to come or to keep close to your own heart.

Contact me to help you find what you are looking for:


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