Those old musty papers, why does anyone want to keep them?!!

What caused me to write this specific blog? I was reading a biography type book titled, Father Ten Boom God’s Man, by Corrie ten Boom. She starts off by writing, Pages 14-16  “Someone once asked me, Do you know anything about your background? Your story interests me. I found much of my family background in theContinue reading “Those old musty papers, why does anyone want to keep them?!!”

What is a “Signature” Pedigree?

Recently from one of the many genealogy blogs I follow, I saw this introduction: “Family History Gifts If You Want That Signature Pedigree But Don’t Want To Learn How to Make One…” I was intrigued by the word “Signature” and so I looked at the site to see what it was all about. Oh,Continue reading “What is a “Signature” Pedigree?”

A Plethora of helpful links

Plethora is such a fun word. Greetings from the too-long-unheard-from, humblegenealogist~ Yes, I am still here and busy searching and doing research. BTW (By The Way) : Do you know the difference between Searching and Research? This is an interesting comparison that I hadn’t thought about until a fellow historian posed the comment about doingContinue reading “A Plethora of helpful links”