Calling all Clarkes

Are you a descendant of Benjamin Clarke / Clark who came to America about 1682/83 ? Here is a great place to start a journey:Pinterest website What photos can you add? Where has your journey taken you?

dem bones, dem dry bones

dem bones, dem dry bones What did your family do to provide for their loved ones? and  how, if at all, does that have anything to do with you and your family today? You might be surprised. Sometimes when we least expect it, we find our own genealogy and history tied to others and tiedContinue reading “dem bones, dem dry bones”

Resources, more

Is your email full of helpful resources? Are you utilizing the plethora of genealogical resources available to the world, to you? Wow, that would be an accomplishment! There is too much information that it would overload any one person if they had all of it in your face everyday! What to do?  I am goingContinue reading “Resources, more”

had to share this insightful website about motivation.

In between the chicken soup, frozen juice pops and coughing: Fighting a winter cold, and when you don’t feel like doing anything, sometimes you can take brief moments to share a little bit. Maybe write a little in a notebook, jot down some notes to do when you feel better. Here is one teachers tipsContinue reading “had to share this insightful website about motivation.”