Quick Tips

Summer is almost here, School is almost out, and life gets busy~ But don’t forget to document little times,as well as the big times: Here is my Family Genealogy page on Pinterest: Great ideas by many people!

Calling all Clarkes

Are you a descendant of Benjamin Clarke / Clark who came to America about 1682/83 ? Here is a great place to start a journey:Pinterest website What photos can you add? Where has your journey taken you?

More to help you find who or what you are looking for

More Help for your Search http://www.pbs.org/genealogy-roadshow/home/ Genealogy Raodshow on PBS, the webpage has a lot of helpful links for you. Just one more resource to help you find your own family discoveries.

One Mistake After Another

One Mistake After Another mistake 1 – very little preparation before the week mistake 2 – pack the morning of the flight, leaving slippers at home mistake 3 – pack chargers in a separate bag from the electronics mistake 4- change seats on plane, now you have an aisle seat and can’t see out theContinue reading “One Mistake After Another”

Forms of water and the changes is makes on all it encounters

I really like this blog #TheDailyPost to start the New Year with.Take the forms of water and apply that same thought process to your family, to your own life, to the lives of your ancestors. How are they the same, how are they different. Who followed the same paths? What are the deep rivers inContinue reading “Forms of water and the changes is makes on all it encounters”

Eat Pie First

   I was thinking about one time when our kids were young, we went on a cross country trip. There was this one particularly long stretch of road on a very sunny day. It was a two lane road and in the distance we could see the freeway and what looked like a little town.Continue reading “Eat Pie First”

2 Blogs in One

2 Blogs in One   First: Simple Steps: How to organize your family information on your computer Second: Hand Me Downs: Those things that were handed down from your ancestors to you and now you are handing them down to your descendants   Simple Steps: I am going to start with an example: First Folder_GenealogyContinue reading “2 Blogs in One”

I Was Here

Daily Prompt: I Was Here – by Krista on December 26, 2013 –You are the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet. Write the note that you leave to those who come after you. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/26/prompt-here/ What a great tie-in to genealogy! Isn’t this what we are doing right now? Leaving notes for those thatContinue reading “I Was Here”

The thing that happens but no one wants to talk about

The inevitable, like death and taxes… What happens when a loved one ‘passes on’? What is it that family and friends want more than money? I was actually surprised that money was way down on the list of what people want. They want something that brings back instant happy memories of their loved one theContinue reading “The thing that happens but no one wants to talk about”

My genealogy began with my earliest ancestor, but my own personal journey began…

It was 1970 and my mother gathered us together to tell us that her mother had passed away. We lived a few hours away, so seeing my grandparents was a big event and only 1 or 2 times a year. We loved being there, everyone did. At her funeral there were so many people, theyContinue reading “My genealogy began with my earliest ancestor, but my own personal journey began…”