Using Google Earth, old photographs and old maps

What an exciting find today! (tell me, how are your 52 weeks of genealogy going? If you are on schedule with me, you are on week 4) Google maps and your genealogy. A great podcast slash video using Google Earth  and your old photographs and old maps and a bit of thinking to find yourContinue reading “Using Google Earth, old photographs and old maps”

On Death Blog 28March2015

We have been mourning the loss of a dear friend of ours, more like a brother. It was very sudden, a vehicle accident, and his wife just recently came home from the hospital, still needing care. This man’s life touched so many all around the world. He will truly be missed by thousands. I amContinue reading “On Death Blog 28March2015”

dem bones, dem dry bones

dem bones, dem dry bones What did your family do to provide for their loved ones? and  how, if at all, does that have anything to do with you and your family today? You might be surprised. Sometimes when we least expect it, we find our own genealogy and history tied to others and tiedContinue reading “dem bones, dem dry bones”

Eat Pie First

   I was thinking about one time when our kids were young, we went on a cross country trip. There was this one particularly long stretch of road on a very sunny day. It was a two lane road and in the distance we could see the freeway and what looked like a little town.Continue reading “Eat Pie First”

Historian vs. Genealogist

This is a short blog this morning. Why choose one over the other? What does each offer? What is best for the research I am after? Perhaps I should use both, but who can afford that? Why choose one over the other?This depends on the next two Questions. What do they offer and what areContinue reading “Historian vs. Genealogist”

My infamous, famous, or not so well known to other people family

Mary A Clarke, signed up the first American Red Cross Nurses, wrote a book and wrote several articles for nursing. What did your ancestors, your parents, your aunts and uncles do in the social world? Were they members of local society, or national groups, or state regents? My family that came to America were Quakers.Continue reading “My infamous, famous, or not so well known to other people family”

Brick Walls, Dead Ends and Getting Stuck in the Mud

You are on a roll and finding all kinds of information and then all of a sudden, Nothing. You can’t find anything anywhere. You have written to everyone that you can think of, you have called every place and everyone you can, and you have emailed and searched on-line all resources possible and still nothing.Continue reading “Brick Walls, Dead Ends and Getting Stuck in the Mud”

Family projects for home, weekends, reunions, or through the mail

Family projects for home, weekends, reunions, or through the mail.This is just going to be a bunch of brainstorming ideas:o Name that ancestor: photos of ancestors and name tags to match with them [make sure you have the correct names on the backs of the photos]o who lived in which state / town / countryoContinue reading “Family projects for home, weekends, reunions, or through the mail”

Medical Terms our ancestors used … Are those real?

We had one family member with Milk Legs. What a weird name we think today. But it may be good to make a list to see of any of the medical terms are genetic. We have a letter from a cousin that talks about hay fever and allergies.   Here are some ‘fun’ websites: reading “Medical Terms our ancestors used … Are those real?”

Who is my neighbor?

We all seem to have them. Photos of people we have no idea who they are or why our parents or grandparents kept those photos. What do we do with them? If they can’t be identified as family, perhaps they were neighbors or close friends. Finding our family history may be worth checking out whoContinue reading “Who is my neighbor?”