One Mistake After Another

One Mistake After Another mistake 1 – very little preparation before the week mistake 2 – pack the morning of the flight, leaving slippers at home mistake 3 – pack chargers in a separate bag from the electronics mistake 4- change seats on plane, now you have an aisle seat and can’t see out theContinue reading “One Mistake After Another”

Forms of water and the changes is makes on all it encounters

I really like this blog #TheDailyPost to start the New Year with.Take the forms of water and apply that same thought process to your family, to your own life, to the lives of your ancestors. How are they the same, how are they different. Who followed the same paths? What are the deep rivers inContinue reading “Forms of water and the changes is makes on all it encounters”

You've no doubt heard of Banksy, but have you hear of Scotland's Secret Book Artist? These are amazing sculptures of and from books. What a great talent this person or people have! What great works of art and what a great story to go with them! Who is this mysterious person with a love of books, art and beauty?