More to help you find who or what you are looking for

More Help for your Search Genealogy Raodshow on PBS, the webpage has a lot of helpful links for you. Just one more resource to help you find your own family discoveries.

One Mistake After Another

One Mistake After Another mistake 1 – very little preparation before the week mistake 2 – pack the morning of the flight, leaving slippers at home mistake 3 – pack chargers in a separate bag from the electronics mistake 4- change seats on plane, now you have an aisle seat and can’t see out theContinue reading “One Mistake After Another”

Resources, more

Is your email full of helpful resources? Are you utilizing the plethora of genealogical resources available to the world, to you? Wow, that would be an accomplishment! There is too much information that it would overload any one person if they had all of it in your face everyday! What to do?  I am goingContinue reading “Resources, more”

What did my dad ever see in my mother and vice versa? Or Jumping to conclusions.

I know my parents met at a dance. I know where and in what town and state. I don’t know when but I do know about how long before they got married. Mom told me about a couple of their dates. One time during field work – they were all farmers in that area –Continue reading “What did my dad ever see in my mother and vice versa? Or Jumping to conclusions.”

Binder in the wall

What a great idea! What would you put in your “Time Capsule” for future generations to find? How would you start looking for this person?, Contact the news like these people did, check to see what you can find for connections and see if anyone has her in their family tree and wouldContinue reading “Binder in the wall”

Now for something totally different

I don’t know why this impacted me so much today. But I feel that it needs to be told. I wondered why there was so much cancer in babies and young children and other ‘diseases’ and this answered some of the many questions I had. I recycle and stuff, but this goes way beyond theContinue reading “Now for something totally different”

So who is that in the photo in the background we see?

The Clarke Reunion. No date, only a couple of names. It’s one of those photos that you have in a stack of photos of family and you know which side of the family they belong to, but there is no one to ask or that knows who the people are. Do you recognize anyone inContinue reading “So who is that in the photo in the background we see?”

Holidays ~ Summer ~ Vacations ~ Family Reunions

Reminder: Now is the time to get that digital recorder, tape recorder, notebook and pen and pencils. Family is going to get together, those special times you are spending with your own family ~write it down~ Take photos – but put names on photos. Copy on copy paper, those photos you have and take withContinue reading “Holidays ~ Summer ~ Vacations ~ Family Reunions”

Brick Walls, Dead Ends and Getting Stuck in the Mud

You are on a roll and finding all kinds of information and then all of a sudden, Nothing. You can’t find anything anywhere. You have written to everyone that you can think of, you have called every place and everyone you can, and you have emailed and searched on-line all resources possible and still nothing.Continue reading “Brick Walls, Dead Ends and Getting Stuck in the Mud”