More to help you find who or what you are looking for

More Help for your Search Genealogy Raodshow on PBS, the webpage has a lot of helpful links for you. Just one more resource to help you find your own family discoveries.

One Mistake After Another

One Mistake After Another mistake 1 – very little preparation before the week mistake 2 – pack the morning of the flight, leaving slippers at home mistake 3 – pack chargers in a separate bag from the electronics mistake 4- change seats on plane, now you have an aisle seat and can’t see out theContinue reading “One Mistake After Another”

My infamous, famous, or not so well known to other people family

Mary A Clarke, signed up the first American Red Cross Nurses, wrote a book and wrote several articles for nursing. What did your ancestors, your parents, your aunts and uncles do in the social world? Were they members of local society, or national groups, or state regents? My family that came to America were Quakers.Continue reading “My infamous, famous, or not so well known to other people family”

It's Summer!

Life is busier when the days get longer and warmer. Time to get all those outside projects done, visit family and friends, vacations, camping, and so on the list goes. “The Meeting of the Hounds” engraved by J.T.Willmore after a picture by Eugene Lami, published in Summer and Winter in Paris, 1844. What about genealogy?Continue reading “It's Summer!”