What is a “Signature” Pedigree?

Recently from one of the many genealogy blogs I follow, I saw this introduction: “Family History Gifts If You Want That Signature Pedigree But Don’t Want To Learn How to Make One…” https://thegenealogygirl.blog/2019/01/22/if-you-want-that-signature-pedigree-but-dont-want-to-learn-how-to-make-one/ I was intrigued by the word “Signature” and so I looked at the site to see what it was all about. Oh, … More What is a “Signature” Pedigree?

It's Summer!

Life is busier when the days get longer and warmer. Time to get all those outside projects done, visit family and friends, vacations, camping, and so on the list goes. “The Meeting of the Hounds” engraved by J.T.Willmore after a picture by Eugene Lami, published in Summer and Winter in Paris, 1844. What about genealogy? … More It's Summer!